“My ideas to take back our State”

In this current polarized atmosphere, the two parties constantly battle each other putting the needs of Americans in the rear view. I will put your needs second to none by addressing the issues that face our community.


  • Homelessness has been on the rise for too long and many of our great veterans are not getting the proper care they deserve. L.A. County has seen a 13% rise in homelessness over the past year and there has been no indication that it will decrease. Through funding nonprofit organizations who help combat homelessness by giving people the care they need to get back on their feet and live productive lives, I believe we can make a big difference within our community.
  • Business is fleeing our district because of the high cost to survive. Over the last few years companies such as Toyota and Occidental Petroleum have left for other regions of the country to avoid high taxation and regulation. Our leadership has done nothing to save the jobs these companies provided to hard working people. Through my leadership and experience as a CEO and CFO I will bring high wage jobs back to our community.
  • Small business in this day and age has become difficult to keep alive and prosperous with high taxation and strangling regulation. Many small business and startups in our district have felt the effect of these costly burdens. With my plan to give large tax incentives to small and startup business, I believe we can grow entrepreneurship in our district.


It’s time we take back our state and return the power as it should be, to “you the people” who elect us to provide solutions.


The future is not Democrat or Republican; it belongs to the citizens, our children and us. Let’s restore a California worthy of the same great history and pride that once called us the Golden State.