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In California, we are faced with two adversely different belief systems acting in complete opposition of each other. What used to be a two-party system has coalesced over the past thirty years into one Uniparty, with factions of extremism on both sides of the aisle. A simple look at registered voters in comparison from 1998 to 2018, we see a huge rise in Independent/NPP voting registration, while the Democrat gap has widened with the increase in illegal immigration.

Years ago, California was considered the State of opportunity. A State with high standards in quality of life, education, the best highways, financial independence, great paying jobs, affordable housing, funded liabilities and the nations best healthcare. Our communities were close nit, families grew up together where we could keep the front door open, and were free to express our feelings and views with respect!

So what changed?

Over the last 30 years, California has been taken over by lobbyists and special interest groups, including those south of the border. Politicians who as recently as 2008 called for strict enforcement of our borders and preventing all illegal aliens from coming into our country, to now calling for the abolishment of ICE and DHS, offering free healthcare to illegal aliens, all of which directly breaks Federal Law (8 US Code 1324) by harboring and protecting illegal aliens. Their extreme policies who have led to the highest tax rate in the nation and over-regulation, which has destroyed small business and the middle class! What was once a thriving state has turned into a Third-World State where people are fleeing by the hundreds of thousands every year.

The reason California is in this current situation is due to the legislators and politicians promising everything for years, while delivering nothing. These “policy-makers” spend most of their time as professional fundraisers. They are no longer responsible to you the people, but rather lobbyists and special interests who thrive in side deals and kickbacks on our dime. This is not a Democrat or Republican issue, it is a California and U.S. problem for those who care about limited government, our people and our nation.

In a recent survey, California voters ranked “removing the corrupting special interest money in California politics” was more important than:

  • Healthcare
  • Climate Change
  • Pension Reform
  • Immigration
  • Jobs
  • Economy

More importantly, in the midst of our current political and ideological differences, 90% of Democrats, Republicans and Independents ranked that the corrupting influence of special interest groups to be the most important issue facing California and the U.S. as a whole faces.

The current legislators are NOT going to change the direction of California and the nation; “we the people” have to do that together!

Specific Issues Facing our State

  • The highest income tax rate in the Country with nothing to show for it. (Taxation without Representation)
  • The highest state sales tax, gas tax, estate tax, business tax, traffic fines and utility rates in the nation.
  • The highest poverty rate in the Country.
  • Under funded public pension fund estimated at 8x the current debt in California ($1.3T), including STRS and SERS and other retiree fund liabilities. This should scare all teachers, and administrators who worked hard during their lives, and shouldn’t have to worry about their retirement income.
  • The highest cost of living and taxes on the middle class, which is causing a hollowing out effect on California’s largest percentage of tax payers.
  • California ranks dead last in friendliness to Business causing many to flee our state every year for more tax-friendly states.
  • California has the highest homeless population in the Country with $2B budgeted to address the epidemic. Not one penny has been spent in two years to address the crisis. In 2017, California had the highest estimated number of chronically homeless individuals in the nation, at 35,798. New York has the second highest (5,087), followed by Florida (4,915).
  • We have the highest Illegal Immigrant population in America. An estimated 11M illegals are living in the State. 1.5M were just removed from the DMV roles that were signed up during the licensing of illegals policies implements under Jerry Brown.
  • We have the lowest quality of life in the nation according to a recent study in the U.S. News World Reports.
  • We have the highest disparity in income by population. Most of the reason for this is the small community circled around Silicon Valley.
  • The highest crime rates resulting from State non-compliance with Federal Law and Federal Law Enforcement.
  • The highest number of regulations of any State in the nation which directly kills jobs and small business (middle class).
  • The highest personal debt in the country ($1.3T). That debt has been subsidized by China and Saudi Arabia.
  • The highest number of welfare recipients in the country.
  • The highest racial division since the Civil Rights Movement.
  • An unprecedented amount of opposition against a sitting President in our country’s history!

Time for Solutions