My name is James P Bradley and I am running to be the next US Congressman in California


We Californians and US citizens are faced with paralyzing divisions that is creating two conflicting entities.  The one we have been victimized with and the one we could and should have.

We have seen the polarization in California and our country over the past decades and I am passionate about ending that.

In CA and the Country are faced with many issues such as:


  • We have the highest state income tax in the nation with nothing to show for it.

  • We have the highest Poverty Rate in the Country with under funded public pension fund estimated 8 times the CA annual budget and we haven’t started funding our public retiree fund liability.

  • We have the highest State Sales Tax, Gas Tax, Estate taxes, Business Taxes, Traffic Fines, Utility Rates and many more with no end in sight.

  • We have the Highest Cost of Living and taxes on the middle class causing the “Hollowing Out” effect on the largest percent of the tax payers. We rank last in Friendliness to Business causing many to leave our state.

  • We have the highest Homeless Population in the Country with $2 billion budgeted to address the epidemic without 1 penny being spent in 2 yrs. towards addressing this crisis

  • We have the Highest Illegal Immigrant Population

  • We have the Lowest Quality of Life in the nation according to a recent study conducted by US News World Reports

  • We have the highest disparity in income by population with those small population living in Silicon Valley

  • We have immigrant families separated over not enforcing our immigration laws

  • We have High crime rates resulting from state non-compliance with Federal Laws and non-cooperation with Federal Law Authorities

  • We have the Highest number of regulations complicating and killing jobs

  • We have the highest personal debt in the country

  • We have Highest number of Welfare Recipients in the Country

  • We have the Highest Racial Division since the Civil Rights Movement

  • We have the unrelenting opposition against our President in the history of the United States

We as Californians and the United States have faced these issues with many promises being made by the existing legislators and have over the years become numb and hopeless.

Allow me to share with you, memories of once was our reality in California and our Nation.


Years ago, California was considered to be the state of opportunity. A state with high standards in quality of life, education, the best highways, financially sound, plenty of jobs, sound public pensions, affordable housing and the Nation’s best Healthcare.  Our country had a dignified place in world with states proud and strong.  We could leave our screen doors open at night and doors unlocked.  We were free to express our views and feelings with respect.


Sadly, those days are gone and are distant memories.


Why have we fallen from one of the best states to live to the last?  The answer is simple.  The main reason is the State and US Legislator.


Instead of being policy makers, they as become full time professional fund raisers and campaigners.


Campaigners that take millions of dollars and require many campaign workers. As a result, Legislators spend more time on the phone raising money instead of doing their jobs.


They start their days with a breakfast fund raising events and end it with Cocktails for Contributions.


Legislators are responsive to funders not voters. Lobbyists and special interest groups that buy their votes and influence.  This is wrought with temptations NEEDING reform.


This is neither Republican nor Democrat.  It is a California and US problem for those that care for honest government.


In a recent survey, California Voters ranked “Removing the Corrupting Special Interest Money in California Politics” is more important then:


  • Healthcare

  • Climate Change

  • Pension Reform

  • Immigration

  • Jobs

  • Economy

More important, even with the public sharply divided on so many issues, more than 90% of the Democrats, Independents and Republicans, ranked the corrupting influence of the special interest groups to be the most important issue facing California and the US.


The current Legislators are not going to change the direction of California and the US.  We are going to do that together.


I have a plan to make Government smaller and allow candidates to run for office without needing special interest money to do it.


Smaller government will allow elections to be decided on issues and character not 30 second ads and viscous email pieces.


Our plan is to cut the budget of government by a third saving you millions of dollars and allows people to feel safe, secure and engaged again.


Voting for representative that is not looking to dig into your pockets and a life career will make the difference.


Politicians are not going to change our direction. We are going to do it for them.


This is our best hope for California and our Country to be put back on the road for financial accountability and getting government off the backs of the tax payers and businesses that create jobs and taking money out the pockets of those today that often chose between buying groceries or filling their tank to get to work.


These are the two California’s and Countries.


Isn’t it time we chose the one that we could be?  To restore today’s promises of a decent life in California and the US.



The Future doesn’t belong to the Democrats or Republicans.  It belongs to us and our children.  Let’s leave them a California and Country worthy of their dreams.