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Voter Message


Tired of Losing?

Politics as usual gets results as usual and for California Citizens after the Massacre of 2018 that looks like a one-way ticket to oblivion.

What about non carbon copy politics?

What should California Citizens do when they become tired of losing?

Let’s break that question down and look at each aspect:

  • Who do you send in to fight when you are faced with an entrenched and strong opposition?

  • Who do you send in to take down the establishment a peg or two?

  • Who do you send in who will change the tired, sour discourse of politics as usual?

  • Who do you send in who isn’t owned body and soul by special interests or lobbyists?

  • Who do you send in when Congress has been infiltrated by foreign born nationals?

  • Who do you send in when the only mission of most career politicians’ is to divide our country for their own gain?

  • Who do you send in when everyone in power is playing the same nasty game of polarization?

  • Who do you send in when our nation faces its greatest, soul-wrenching division since the Civil War?


Send in the only choice


Senior Meetups

Group Of Senior Friends Making A Toast At Outdoor Dinner Party

Scheduling Meetups to engage, inform and empower.  United as one we will make our District, State and Country a safe, secure, sane and sustainable tomorrow.

Campaign Coffee Meetups

Starting Feb 15th, we will start scheduling district “Coffee Meets” as part of our reach out to the community.  The primary purpose is to “Just Listen” and share.  To many candidates and career politicians never meet nor listen to community in order to create a relationship as well as truly being a voice.

James P Bradley is very unique in that regard.  “The best ideas come from the people we are elected to serve therefore we must unite and create a road map to reclaim what was taken from us in the 2018 midterm elections”.  “We are one”!

Please feel free to contact us so we can schedule time to meet with you.