“Leadership and the Skills along with a Passion to Serve You”

The challenges facing our great nation, state and even our local cities are daunting.

For too long those challenges have been left to fester and worse, be used as a political football for the advantage of our political elite.

I’m James P. Bradley,  I want to first thank you for visiting my website.

I’m a Father, businessman, veteran having served my nation as a member of the United States Coast Guard. I want to continue my service as a member of the House of Representatives.  For that I would respectfully ask for your support and vote.

As a Father, I’m concerned about the future our generation will be leaving for our children. We must join together to tackle the twin problems of out of control social spend along with a growing national debt.

As a businessman, I’ve created jobs, cut costs and saved companies, fought rampant health care costs and fraud. My business background makes me uniquely prepared to bring business savvy to common sense solutions for all of us.

As a veteran, I know the needs of countries national security as well as what we need to honor, defend and help those veterans who after serving this great nation now find themselves facing danger right here in America.

All told, as your candidate for the 33rd Congressional District, I promise you to work for your best interests, to serve you and your families and to always be available to each and every one of you.